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Website audits

Do you know how well your existing website is performing? Does it meet the current standards? Can people find it? Can they use it easily (including on a mobile phone)? Can they find the information they need?

My website audit will help you to answer these questions, and identify what you can do to fix any issues.

From: 150€ / £130

Website design and build

Your website is your public face. It should be informative, attractive, fast and simple to use.

I can help ensure your website is all of those. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

From: 500€ / £435

Website hosting, support and maintenance

Once your website is built it will need somewhere to live and ongoing monitoring and technical support.

I will provide the help you need - talking to the technical people in their language, and talking to you in Plain English.

From: 50€ / £45 per month

Training and advice

Many people want to use one of the many site builder services to build their own website. I can provide one-to-one coaching, training and support.

Weekly sessions will help give you the confidence and momentum you need to succeed.

80€ / £70 per hour

Business IT support

As well as supporting with your website, I provide advice and support around:

Whilst I can provide some help with networks, wifi and computer hardware, this is limited to very small businesses.

80€ / £70 per hour with discounts for longer term engagements.